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So, since you have announced version 1.1, I leave here a collection of highlights that a lot of players would like to see in the game, but did not get it in the release. Hope this will be useful.

1. Detailed battle log with all chances, rolls and perks influencing the change of these chances. With information exactly who caused how much damage to which enemy and what damage is blocked by armor how much damage passed through. Let it be optional. Many players would like to know the % with which the enemy hits you or dodges and all the rolls for damage and hits. I think this log would remove at least half of the crazy posts in the Steam about the conspiracy of developers and RNG.
2. Revision of the system of morals checking in battle. The influence of the level, seniority and killed enemies on these checks. Very much not happy that a 30 th level veteran who killed 2000 enemies can also be randomly scared by a suitable thug. It’s just not solid.
3. Revision of the aura and perk of the sergeant. The ability to improve the original standard as a weapon (perhaps one more ambition for an upgrade). Make the sergeant and standard at least useful in the middle and late stages of the game.
4. Change the mechanics of the puncture. Disable for use this blow if the actual chances are below 5%.

I also leave a link to an excellent collection of detailed suggestions in the style of “improving the life” of another forum member

My ideas. (Sorry for my English)