Reply To: Morale system: Less "swingy"

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I did not have a problem with that yet and I have played about 300 hrs on Expert Ironman since launch. I do spec in resolve though and pretty much always have a sargeant with rally unless I don’t need him and level new guys.
I usually try to get my guys to around 50-60 resolve (with veteran levels or +4 rolls) if they are going to be in melee, getting surrounded.
Even against Geists I hardly have my guys affected by an ally fleeing which happens pretty much all the time even with high resolve if i’m lucky they will resist the fear for maybe 2-3 rounds at most.
Geists with Wiedergangers are actually a big part of my fights in a late campaign when I roam the map and clear ruins and camps.

Removing this system would work both ways. If they change it fights against Direwolves or Nachzehrers might become much more difficult. New systems would require a lot of testing and coding probably so I expect we will see some tweaked numbers at most.