Reply To: Undead Legions are still too overpowered.

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I said I love that game, but as before it needs some balance, I don’t said legion is completely unbeatable. I said they are more powerful than any other factions in this game, and it shouldn’t be because the game for me is about avoid that enemy, I want to fight them, but I run cuz it is easier to farm from brigands orks goblins, rather than die vs legionaries. But in undead ending of the game u can’t avoid that, so I can’t make a tactic to avoid that cuz I must fight them to finish the undead ending, or they destroy all the cities…. So the game force me at that point to lose all of my stuff what i have reached and if I want tactic I say fuck no… :) I am not a coward, I am playing all kind of strategy games since 6, I love challange I am good on online pvp strategys too. So my aim is to tell my opinion so maybe it helps the creators balance it ( if my trouble is real and it needs balance)