Reply To: How fearsome be relatively weak?

Avatar photoRusBear

1. In this game all the opponents are better and stronger than you. There is no justice or loyalty for the player. The game is so conceived, “be ready to lose some men” and “loosing is fun”.) Formally, everything works better for AI, if only because AI does not have injuries at the beginning of a fight and opponents are always more and do not need to pay money and repair equipment. a lot of AI units have basic def and attack stats such that you do not always get to 11th level, etc. just take it)
2. The bounty hunters are exclusively opponents. I’m sure Christof made them so conscious. There is one “but” – battle with them this is your personal choice of greed and self-confidence, they will never chase you on the map as 6 vampires on the 20th day of the company)