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I don’t think that my problems are only of economical nature. Sure it is always nice to have more crowns, but I never run so low that I have real problems. I repair goods before selling them and also do a lot of trading with goods and seldom with food. Most of the time I do okay or even good until one contract goes south and I get either whipped or left so weak that I have almost no chance to recover. Most of the time it happened if I misjudge how strong the enemy is, like in case of the ancient auxiliaries and the hedge knight or I got ambushed and have no way to run. Otherwise I do okay. In one playthrough on veteran I got to day 60 and still did okay. This was just lucky I guess.

When I get that crucial underdog perk the game becomes suddenly way easier. Then I can bind several enemies to fewer guys and shield wall them while surrounding and killing of the rest. But this strategy does not work without underdog. I will check out some other players at twitch. Didn’t know about that before, thanks for the information! Maybe I can get some new helpful ideas how to tackle the game. On the bright side it can not get much worse than right now XD

Well maybe splitting two shields while not being able to kill them instantly was the mistake. Thanks for the insight! The flails I used on those without a helmet, otherwise I didn’t go for the head. So I did alright on that front.

Playing without ironman seems to be the only option short of returning to beginner. So I will try that.

Actually after reading guides, those tips and attempting to get better I am under the impression that I just don’t share the vision of fun with the developers. Like this loosing is fun thing. For me it isn’t exactly fun in itself. It can be fun when I learn enough through it to actually win in the next couple of tries. How many tries did you guys need until could do it?

I know myself good enough to guess that I have maybe 20 tries left until I become so frustrated that I drop the game completely. Therefore before trying again I will check out how other players do it and hopefully come back stronger!

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