Reply To: Terror and Crippling system?

Avatar photoJago

They plan to implement an advanced health- and injury-system that includes lost body part, disfigurement and appropriate buffs/debuffs.
It’ll probably apply to critically wounded brothers, or those who “died” in battle but were revived with the 9-lifes perk or by the future healer-companion.

Madness sounds nice and there are already some quiet mad characters in the game (the cultists) and a perk that randomly changes your resolve by +-10 when tested. Otherwise, I haven’t seen anything ingame yet, that could turn your brothers mad. So how would that work?
Battle Brothers is not Darkest Dungeons and I think a sanity level, additional to the morale, would be to distracting.

Not sure about the sickness either. Maybe as random events, “Brother X has fallen ill and must see a healer withing X hours. Take him to the next town, or he dies/loses his sight/gets any negative perks.” or similar. To prevent sickness, have your brothers rest in towns from time to time.
I’m not sure though, if random events like this are to unfair and frustrating for the player.

Edit: Paul, you were faster!