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I agree. Having option to donate food/medicine or just sell it will be great. I often have abundant food medicine supplies taken from enemy and have no need to buy it.
Selling them fore some spare coin will be great.


What about movement on strategic map?
How about making party(enemy too) go faster/slower depend of size and supplies/loot?
>small party(player or enemy) 4 or less(so scouting/hunting parties mostly) will be faster.
>medium party 5 to 8(so typical ambushing/raiding party or bigger scout) will be moving normal.
>large party 9-12 will be little slower but not much

Also making movement on strategic map affect party fatigue. So tired or exhausted party move slower and when in fight start with some fatigue already, fresh move faster. They need to rest(unless they are undead).
Different type of parties can differ on movement speed/behaviour.
>undead never get tired/fresh/exhausted
>undead don’t slow their movement speed at night
>bigger parties are detected from larger distance
>bandits with loot or caravans move slower
>werewolfs move faster at night but hide in woods/stay in ambush at day
>hunting parties camp at night but scouting parties can move near targets at night
>camping make party members heal/repair items faster


Having permanent locations of different size on the map that can change their status or ownership will be great addition to the living world and map dynamics.
For example:
>Farm – produce food mostly
>Abandoned farm – empty, but can have some items/cash stashed or small band of monsters/bandits
>Infested farm – taken by monsters/undead, rarely spawning wandering party
>Bandit Hideout – taken by bandits, can spawn scouts, work with bigger bandit encampment
>Destroyed farm – empty explored location but can be resettled or retaken by monsters
or other locations
>Unknown caves – can be explored
>>Bandit hideout – bandits
>>Cultist shrine – necromancers and undead
>>Werewolf den – Werewolfs pack
>>Stashed treasure – some coins and items
>Empty caves – empty and explored

So this permanent locations can be explored and cleared or cleared and resettled.
>Hunter camp
>Woodcuter camp
>Mines(miner camp)
>Trade outpost
>Road Inn
>Caves(different sizes)
>Abandoned forts
>Camps and dens

They can be taken by wandering parties of bandits or monsters after being cleared. Any thoughts?