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Regarding the crafting:
Initially we had a pretty elaborate crafting system planned to craft Items going into the accessory (amulet) slot of your paperdoll.
As this system needs a lot of things to be well planned (ressource gathering, UI flow, crafting recipies etc etc) we moved this to our backlog.
In the next days/week there will be a lot of internal planning on what big chunk we tackle next.
Regarding the combat log we will gather some more feedback and then see if we have to show more detailed numbers.

Item quality is also planned. I already created all the assets for “rusty” weapons for the undead but we didnt have the time to implement that. So we will probably implement the whole “item quality” thing when we have a clearer concept of how exactly it will work. But I’m pretty sure it will come, as its a easy possibility to expand the item pool and progression.

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