Reply To: List of misleading info on attack tooltips

Avatar photokem

If an enemy is on a tile with an increased action point cost of movement (but no penalty to combat skills), “enemy on bad terrain” is listed as a negative factor

And what is considered a consistant baseline?
– effects from player’s POV
– effects that affect that particular model in certian interaction?

So that terrain feature on the enemy model may be “Red” if we are talking about tooltip that shows effects on that model, or may be “Green” if we are lookng at tooltip during targeting of that model with an attack.

I don’t remember the actual clours of that entries, but it may be worthwile to take a look

– “Surrounded” is listed as a positive factor when attacking an enemy that has the Underdog perk (e.g. a swordmaster)

Well, in general, BB doesn’t display that action will have no effect because of someting.
– so no hints of “immune” on tooltips in regard to (Orc warriors, no_space) and (bash, hook, repel) interaction
– so no tooltips on “immune” on tooltips in regard to (Orc warriors, Orc Warlord) and (stun) intecations