Reply To: My first impressions


Praise: Nothing to add. Perfect. Kudos to the composers. What makes for excellent game music? That you can listen to it for 10 hours straight and it doesn’t begin to grate on you. The lovely Caribbean tunes in Tropico were grand, but after a couple hours I had to turn them off for repetitiveness. Not here. Unobtrusive, mood enhancing, splendid work!

Thank you Trig! It’s so nice to hear that, means a lot! And you’ve got some great and detailed feedback on the game in your post. I’m sure this will be very helpful to Overhype.

About the fog on the tactical map. It was so… I don’t know, it wasn’t to bright, but it really hurt my eyes, looking at it for longer than 10 seconds. o.O
If I encounter that fog again, I’ll take a screenshot, except you know what I mean.

I had the same complaints about the fog in one of my pre-EA play throughs and reported it with a screenshot. The fog even seems to appear at various grades of brightness/contrast, maybe depending on the time of day (?). I am sure the devs are on it.