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Avatar photoTrig

I really don’t mind the German name for the Zombies. It is more true to the specific setting. Zombie has exploded so much in popular culture that every stinking game regardless of setting has a Zombie in it. It is a small thing that makes this game more unique, when I see zombie, I’m reminded of the Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Fido and a million other things. Not being German, “Wiedergänger” just sounds spookier and less “pop.”

I am against the use of word “Zombie”. I thought I was clear on that. It is way too modern to fit the medieval setting and geographically far from medieval Europe too. But in Europe the name “Living dead” was used, in any language, Latin most often in texts, while English has a nice word “Revenant”, basically meaning “the returned” which was used already in medieval times. In my opinion in this case the word is forced, just for the sake of using a German one… But this was just one comment among many in my long post, I don’t wanna turn this into a massive linguistics debate :D

Thank you Trig! It’s so nice to hear that, means a lot! And you’ve got some great and detailed feedback on the game in your post. I’m sure this will be very helpful to Overhype.

Most welcome. You and the whole team definitely deserve all the praise for the hard work that went into this game. My criticisms, like those of other forum commenters, are just our attempts to be constructive, to show we care about how the game develops. :)