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I like your take on this!

Glad to hear it. :) I love that kind of stuff because it reflects how living beings actually act. Cross-cultural influence takes place even between groups that only communicate through violence. It’s incredibly fascinating.

How about a more fantastical faction, like Lovecraft-inspired creatures that attack from underground? You would encounter them in caves or dungeons only (which I believe is a future tileset goal). Special mission: they’ve infiltrated a castle or city from below. This faction would generally have higher level/challenge units.

I’m torn myself. I love surrealist monstrosities, but a big part part of what makes Lovecraftian monsters frightening is that you rarely actually see them and that you can’t win in a fight against them. If they can be beaten, they’re not Lovecraftian. However, Germanic folklore has plenty of horrifying monsters that could hide a in dark corner and more monsters are going to be added to the Beast faction. The Werewolves are already traumatising people. Maybe something horrifying will get added or maybe a hypothetical Demon faction will have elements of it?

I think that devs plan a rat beats nation similar to Skavens and some sort of Arabic or Turkish kingdom.
Although it will be nice have some semi Bizantines imperial faction and Slavic faction.

A Skaven nation is almost a neccesity; they are just fantastic. One of the best things to come out of Warhammer Fantasy and a great personification of plagues. They should probably be careful not to call them that though. :P Byzantine and Slavic themed nations would also be excellent, especially since they naturally connect to the Germanic theme.

Really, there’s just so many kinds of nations that would make excellent additions and just three developers to actually implement them. Fingers crossed for multiple expansions and good mod-tools.