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In that regard, do you think it would be possible to have different color schemes for the clothing or padding layer underneath armors like this one?

Hey robert, of course that would be possible. The problem is though that all color variations have to be implemented as individual items the workload can get out of control pretty quickly, especially when we have so many important things still on our to do list.

Have you ever considered adding different additional properties to different armor types?
For example scale armor should weight more than chainmail, but could offer like damage reduction against arrows/bolts?
Similarly padded armor could offer slashing resistance or something? etc

Hey Danubian,
we had extensive discussions about this just a few weeks ago. In the end we decided to not make it a base game mechanic, but to implement it with the armor upgrades. There are certain upgrades reducing ranged or melee dmg etc. So youll be able to customize your armor.

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