Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoHoly.Death

I didn’t even know you guys plan on making enemies vary even more. That’s very ambitious of you. I was amazed when my useless guys died while failing to do their job and rose as undeads short time after being killed. With the exact equipment they had and armor in the exact state they had the moment they died. Well, maybe I wasn’t “amazed” (more like “So, you miss him for 10 turns, die and then fight me, using my own equipment I gave you? You ungrateful bastard!”), but it was aesthetically pleasing to see world being detailed on such level. Both graphically and mechanically.

I do like the mockups of new environments. I wasn’t aware there is so much missing to the game as it feels very polished on graphical side of things. Whoever does your artworks and in-game visuals (Paul does, I guess?) is doing a lot of good work.