Reply To: AI improvement

Avatar photokem

At the moment shrats are OP in AI vs AI combat, as some enemies flat out incapable in dealing with shrat’s sole gimmick – damage reduction with a shield UP or AI does not prioritise split shield enough or does not exploit its own gimmick well enough.

What I suggest (AI + balance):
1) Make a “split shield” a priority №1 if able to inflict it on a shrat. (Throwing spears, longaxes, non-axe split shields included)
2) Make surrounding a shrat a higher priority than a simple “engage”
3) Make ghosts less suicidal against shrats or unholds. They SHOULD NOT charge ahead of the meatshields. Ideally take into account possible lines of attack for shrat and repositioning if in immediate danger (less than 3 tiles from the enemy, as 3 tiles range for a gheist is crucial in killing unholds and avoiding split skill) as they need to do double toss to reach melee with a gheist, wich is forbidden to them (as it seems).
4) Make shrat’s attack pearcing type, as legion does not have a counter except a crypt cleaver or a priest. At least legion will have more time to roll for fearsome checks. OR pilums for a legion?
5) Allow for more axes on noble shield infantry, possible longaxes on billmen.