Reply To: New alps

Avatar photokem

Yeah, I see that he does a lot of mistakes, and unprepared for the fight, example is not stellar, but the point is still valid, imho.

Unfortunately I cannot test the fight vs 13-14 alps in a swamp (murky tiles) at night. If it is betable with acceptable degree of risk & TIME investment that is Great! And I’m happy to learn by try and error.

But I have a feeling that it may be a case of overtuning, when stuff is scaled to MAX.

Minimising spawn area around your bros, denying respawn by play with turn order combined with steady advance in block with a reach, +acc, and aoe weapons with finishing move of out-of-block charge & consolidation and/or throwing axes barrage to actually kill alps is a winning strategy
*it is severely limited by the
high Mdef of the fiends
*100% hit chance, preventing uncleared advance
*terrain, that may stall your advance by denying hits on fiends and extra FAT.
Combination of these factors may tip the scales of battle to “always lose” position.

Forests & mountains are advantageous terrain in this fight but swamp may become really messy.

And “don’t fight alps in a marsh” scenario is possible, but not welcome, really.

*I hope alps are still pierce resistant, as just mandane turkey-shoot is not fun.