Reply To: Additional weapons and backrounds

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Regarding weapons.

Right now, apart from the riposte function which is somewhat useful vs. werewolves, the swords in the game don’t have any real advantage. In fact they’re the least versatile in game. Worse against armours, less damage than axes, so I usually only have the “captain” carry a sword (for roleplaying his authority status) while all other troops have more useful weapons.

Yet historically they were (until the arrival of plate mail) the most expensive and prestigious weapon on the battlefield exactly because they combined several advantages of other weapons. They could chop like an axe, pierce like a spear, parry and defend, were most balanced of the lot, much easier to wield and handle than an axe, etc.

Perhaps enable the pierce armour function that the scramasax has, also for all one-handed swords and have them also slightly increase melee defence.

And another thing I’d like to see, if practicable (I know it requires extra work for a very minor effect) but, not all weapons need completely unique characteristics, but for variety sake it would be lovely to get different items of the same type. Swords with different hilts or blade lengths and one is 5 points more deadly, other does 5% more armour damage, another is quality made so less fatigue, etc… Tiny differences of basically same items.