Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photolaViper

What kind of icons are you looking for? Active skills? Backgrounds or something like that?

I think consumable items like potions,
but as i see, each needs 2-4 images – one 70×70 for stash, second for battle 56×56 (with greyscale). And may be extra one for status (also 56×56 but in cicrle) or even two like Spider/Goblin Poison.
For settlement events or backgrounds you also use 56×56 in circle, so I can reuse perks/skills images for it.

Also want to ask – what is your (mean all team) attitude to mods? I know that now mods mostly break balance like 20 bros in battle or making super-stats brother. But if some mods were good enough, would you have plan to include it into game?

I guess it definitely would add something to the game to shield bash enemies into a pit

May be just increase damage from current falling, making it depend on max HP of target.