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I totally understand why the buildings were cut. I would however love more map variety. Graveyards with single hex grave stones, orc/brigand encampments with barrels and boxs (and wood floors to boot), etc etc. I still think map variety can be achieved without having to introduced big(multi-hex) buildings and structures.

I agree, but we just never found the time to implement it. You always have to choose between adding this or adding new content/game mechanics. It’s a tough choice sometimes….

If you get a chance Paul check out my suggestion thread on suggestions section, it is a little long but I thought hard about them ! Love the new helmets, Cheers :)

Hey, I really appreciate the effort, but I try to stick to art related topics as much as possible in here :) Even though I myself deviate from time to time ….

Please have some more patience, as I am trying to find some new art which I can post without spoiling stuff…

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