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Paul, hello!
I noticed a discussion about the structures, and I would like to insert my 5 cents :)
For me, the biggest upset is that we always fight on the same map, and this is like a simple chess board.
I critically lack the feeling of being surrounded (and I don’t even dream about dungeons).
So, yesterday I accidentally saw a picture of unity assets, and imagined it in BB and for a moment became happy :)

Couldn’t the Battle Brothers have something like that?
Wood / stone texture for hexes and we get a wall for the camp or settlement ..
Or combined 3 hexes with 1 2 and 3 height = watchtower
And combine walls and watchtowers to get a fortress? ..
-1 height level for water, or even maybe 3+ height level, but keeping the max hit chance at 30% for a difference of more than 3 levels, then we could imitate fortifications on a hill or surrounded by a moat ..
Bridges .. sorry, I just can’t keep it inside myself :)