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Hey, I really appreciate the effort, but I try to stick to art related topics as much as possible in here :) Even though I myself deviate from time to time ….

Please have some more patience, as I am trying to find some new art which I can post without spoiling stuff…

Yes absolutely understand, there was only 2 things that were art related. 1. If you find the time/find it in your big heart…. can you make Zweihander helmet paintable using the art assets already available? Colour schemes are pretty much covered. Blood Red colour is only new issue. A lot of people I have asked about this and some people won’t play a seed if the noble house colour they want isn’t on the seed because of this helmet. 2. My spiel about the red and white Castle Noble house how it would match noble mail item etc., but aint nobody got time for that – which is fine lol

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