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1. If you find the time/find it in your big heart…. can you make Zweihander helmet paintable using the art assets already available? Colour schemes are pretty much covered. Blood Red colour is only new issue.

Hey Force Echo,
it’s not that easy. First off the color items don’t match the colors of the helmets (There is no blue/red combo for example), on top of that the helmets only feature colored ribbons, the helmets themselves are not painted. This in itself doesn’t seem so bad, but if I implement something, I want it done properly and there is so much on my plate right now, that it’s not possible at the moment :(

So, yesterday I accidentally saw a picture of unity assets, and imagined it in BB and for a moment became happy :)

Hey Doomich,
what you are showing would be an easy solution and it might even work technically speaking. Nevertheless the “buildings” created with these tiles would look pretty strange. This would be comparable to the hills we have in the tactical combat. We can just barely get away with that look, but constructing entire buildings like this would not work visually – at least in my opinion.

Missing in the purple and orange color palette.

Hey ZXY44,
At least one new player banner we add with the DLC will feature purple and golden. Better than nothing :)

Hey Paul, will the DLC include extra-swole human body options for our brothers? :P

The wallpaper gives me hope for even more customization options, hehe.

Hey Andrew,
We won’t add a new body type, there is just no room for more muscles under the armor in the layered system we use. BUT we will add new customization options. You’ll have to wait till shown in one of the next devblogs though.

Cheers all!

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