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I love me some polearms, but I wouldn’t want to see fourteen different ones implemented just for the sake of a dozen different graphics. It’s nice when different weapons have different use cases, special attacks, etc., different reasons to use them. Otherwise it would just look like filler.
I’ve always had a soft spot for pitchforks though (anyone ever play Phantasie II?)

Several of them can be weapons in their own rights and others can serve as weaker or stronger versions of each other. Like the Viking sword being a weaker arming sword. Or as ways to make a recruit more unique, like the pickaxe or fish spear. I agree though that fifteen variants of the same weapon with different portraits would get boring – this ain’t Diablo. :P

I would add Longsword (one of the most universal weapon)
It provide less damage than real Two-hander but bonus to defence and it’s also two-handed.
1) riposte (better than arming sword)
2) half-sword (less damage but can penetrate/avoid armor)
3) murder stroke (can stun enemy like mace with pummel)
4) normal attack.

Liking this idea. It reflects how two-handed weapons weren’t just brute force and had sophisticated martial arts associated to them.

Regarding weapons.

Right now, apart from the riposte function which is somewhat useful vs. werewolves, the swords in the game don’t have any real advantage. In fact they’re the least versatile in game. Worse against armours, less damage than axes.
Yet historically they were (until the arrival of plate mail) the most expensive and prestigious weapon exactly because they combined severala dvantages of other weapons. They could chop like an axe, pierce like a spear, parry and defend, were most balanced of the lot, much easier to wield and handle than an axe, etc.
Perhaps enable the pierce armour that the scramasax has also for all one-handed swords, have them also slightly increase melee defence.
And another thing I’d like to see, if practicable (I know it requires extra work for a very minor effect) but, not all weapons need completely unique characteristics, but for variety sake it would be lovely to get different items of the same type. Swords with different hilts or blade lengths and one is 5 points more deadly, other does 5% more armour damage, another is quality made so less fatigue, etc… Tiny differences of basically same items.

Riposte is really useful though? Just get that defence up and score the taunt perk. Stab. Stab. Stab. It’s really useful in a situation where you’re going to get attacked a lot. And the greatsword is great for swinging around a flank and just carving a bloody path. I also expect the amount of more lightly armoured opponents to increase when Goblins get introduced, so that should give the sword more to slash at.
Swords are also not as versatile as polearms, though they do provide a mobile alternative to it. I agree though that the crossguard was exceptionally useful, maybe that could be reflected in the game in some way. They could also add something like the estoc, which specialised in piercing mail and plate and had no slashing power.

I think they’re planning something akin to weapon characteristics in the shape of degrees of weapon quality (rusty sword). That might not be what you’re going for – maybe it could get implemented if they ever go back to their crafting plans?