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So. As the new origins stories were announced for the company, i have this suggestion :
Add for each type of story its own special type of quest.
For example:
1. “Peasants” can get a special quest to protect the village from a small gang of gangsters with unique rewards – money, reputation, a peasant who joined in, unique forks … a horse (old special bb joke)

2. Raiders – special quest on the seaside – battle with competitors and ship robbery
and so on, as last DLC shows- devs have 100% “OK” with the imagination and I think you will easily think furthe details by yourself.
The main idea is that these quests are unique – only for this origin history and with special awards. They can be repetitive (several times the same quest after a certain time with leveled enemies and awards) but not very often.

As usuall with perfect english ( no), Rus Bear.