Reply To: Very humble needs for better play (with next exp)

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Random other forum lurkers 2 cents on these. . .

Agree on the names. I wonder if this is actually just a matter of some names being more common than other, as I feel like I see a lot of e.g. Kuniberts and not very many e.g. Otto’s, but both are in the game.

Haven’t used the formations mod so I can’t really pass judgement, but thinking back to other games that have this (Heroes 3, etc.) it can get *very* tedious, so I’m hesitant about its inclusion.

I think the idea is that talents are supposed to fill this gap – your outlier shepherds are the ones that get 3 stars in melee attack, etc. I think that’s pretty well balanced for Overhype’s goals (they’ve said in the past that they try to optimize for the first ~150 days or so of the game). I think the only area this kinda falls apart is with ranged characters.

I’m thinking you mean perks? I’m a pretty hard disagreement on this one; it absolutely makes sense to revisit other perks when adding or changing them, or changing the equipment in the game.

Some kind of map generation options would be cool (choosing the noble house colors/banners was mentioned in another thread and I think even just that would be great).

Strong agreement to the expanded obituary. Personally want to see a dog obituary so I can feel extra bad about myself.