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I’d like a viking-dwarve hybrid. The lore could have them as a queer folk, with a queer tongue, queer customs, that raid and pillage the human villages to the south. They themselves live in the wintery expanse in the north. They could be very stocky, carry weapons that no normal man could dream of carrying, let alone wielding.

Dwarfs, Elves and Halflings don’t exist in this world according to the faq.

It would be nice to work for different (opposite to each other) factions and change their attitude for our band of brothers by making quest.
I would gladly see some factions like loyalists (supporting the King), revolutionaries (against the King), the Holy Church (in the middle). Such faction would give us rather storyline quests than generic quests. What do you think about it?

There might be something like this in the events, but as far as I can tell all friendly factions will be friendly with each other. Although I’m not a 100% sure on that.

I personally would like to see Jungle Pygmies or Amazons
bones through noses, short with little or no armour and blow pipe darts whistling through the trees
i can hear the chanting as they march through the jungle, especially if they could fire even though trees were blocking their path
i think their presence would be in-keeping with the dark world of this game.

That wouldn’t really fit the Germanic theme – being so strongly connected to South-America and the African jungles. However, you might get something like it with the Goblins. Angry little green men, shooting from among the trees. :P