Reply To: Crafting Mod v1.0

Avatar photolaViper

Finally I’ve kicked my lazy ass and continue working under modification. I will share it in a few days after release DLC, cause I think it will break some scripts.

Now I finished (no images and need tests) with “secret crafting” – this new recipes can’t be used before special event has fired. All of them based on some backgrounds, so you need a “right” man in your company – and it’s not Hedge Knights, more often it will be lowborn. Also you need a special situation – like having items in stash or more specific.

Add 7 new recipes
1)Blessing Oil – coats your weapon to deal extra damage to Undead (+20 damage up to 4 attacks)
2)Deadly Poison – lasts until target dies, starts with 5 damage and increases it by 3 per turn (with Resilient only by 1)
3)Bull Potion – halves penalty from some kind of permanent injuries. Last 2-4 days
4)Flashing Potion – blinds target and bystaders (33% change) and descreses their vision
5)Medical Kit – kind of bag, but “keeps” bandages and antidotes. Has 3 charges to cure your brothers, recharge with Medical Supplies after battle
6)Dope Salt – makes your man “high”, increases morale at start of battle to maximum, but halves gained exp. Lasts 1 day, addictive
7)Scare Potion – decreases target morale based on its resolve (up to making it flee). Like range attacks can hit wrong target, so be careful

Next few days may be I also spend on modification, currently I’m working on events which give you opportunity to build in small town one building. If small town has only 1 building and your company have man with suitable background – apprentice (armor or weapon -smith), monk (temple), bowyer (fletcher). I’ve not decided about other one – like kennel (houndmaster), tavern (servant/pimp and etc), taxidermist (beast slayer). And training hall is also a bit strange, cause this building belongs to big city.