Reply To: Recall dog skill

Avatar photoDare Wolf

I remember calling out dogs already was suggested before same as many other features. Despite of such a command seems quite useful I would like to draw attention to some natural limitations which should be taken into account.

I have very limited personal experience of operating dog in a situation roughly comparable to combat but, as for me, it’s not really much you can do after having dog unleashed. Theoretically, yes, you can call dogs back while they are surrounding target looking for the right moment to launch an attack. But trying to communicate a dog when it’s already engaged in combat is quite silly and rather useless idea.

Second if you have your dogs chasing prey beyond close vicinity to you, without direct visibility and further than bow shot distance then… good luck for you and your dogs. You better count on their ability to hang on by themselves until you arrive and finish the job. If you can’t then you better reconsider the idea to unleash you dogs on a prey you can’t get. Otherwise be ready to have your dogs just distracting enemy with futile and likely suicidal attacks.

As it currently is in the game if I’m not mistake.

"That's it! Run away!"