Reply To: Some Idears for the game

Avatar photoBuce

I like the idea of camp followers, you can buy them in different places, towns, villiges, etc.

There should be:
1. blacksmiths:
1a. blacksmith apprentice (quicker repair)
1b. handyman (cheaper repair)
1c. blacksmith master (better quality (or value))
2. suppliers:
2a. wagon master (more space for items)
2b. equerry (quicker road movement)
2c. cook (food lasts longer)
3. healers:
3a. field medic (wound after battle is lower)
3b. nurse (quicker healing)
3c. surgeon (there is little chance to rescue dead battle brother)
złota rączka
4. other camp followers
4a. looter (loot are less damage)
4b. daughter of Corinth (morale bonus)
4c. dog (he can detect enemy from longer distance)