Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photoGOD

Utility tree is pretty great, probably the best balanced one. Tier 1 lacks some flash, but tier 2 and 3 make up for that. You kind of have the issue that there’s a disconnect between the kinds of perks you get in the first tier and the second tier (more unique perks, rather than synergy), but that does mean that the tier 1 perks can be integrated rather well with offence or defence builds.

I think you’re right regarding Shield Bash. A chance to stun would fit with it being a shield. Could be too powerful though and infringe on the niche of the stunning weapons.

I haven’t gotten a good read yet on how effective Taunt actually is in triggering attackers, but it has a lot of potential for basing a build on due to being tier 1. Seems to work well with Return Favour and high resolve traits.