Reply To: New Background : Master Archer

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I do agree that we could use some more ranged backgrounds. Bowyers often are an absolute joke, I usually only hire them when I absolutely can’t get any hunters at all.
Poachers are much worse than hunters but they cost ~500c so I’d rather buy one hunter than 2 or 3 poachers any day of the week.
Sellswords can be amazing, especially hybrids but they are expensive and as pure archers they have about the same potential as a poacher or bowyer.
The rest of the “ranged” backgrounds (Squire, Militia, Beast Slayer etc.) are usually even more expensive than poachers and have about the same potential (but a much bigger range).

Now a Master Archer background might be a little bit too strong. If they have a +10 ranged skill over a hunter (62-69) will be OP as soon as he gets some talents in it. “Perfect” Hunters (59***) are already absurdly strong, especially when they hit veteran levels.

A small buff to Poarchers and (a bigger buff to) Bowyers base stats would help a lot with the struggle for early archers.
Maybe Poachers 49-52 (instead of 47-49) and Bowyers 48-53 (from 42-52).