Reply To: Character Generation

Avatar photoGOD

But that’s the thing, having certain options or conveniences available can undermine what makes a game special because it conflicts with the established design. Imagine putting quest markers in Morrowind; it would utterly clash with the actual quest structure. Stuff like optional fast travel, toggable hit/ miss indicators, toggable floating damage numbers, even when optional, drastically change a game. The same goes for customisable character generation.

More choices are good when they are choices that fit within the design of the game, so having more options isn’t always a good thing. Full-on character creation would dilute this game’s design because of how it is strongly associated with a kind of beginning (the heroic kind) that doesn’t work here. Part of what makes Battle Brothers so interesting is the design that they’ve constructed so far and I’d hate to see it lost. We also have to keep in mind that the development team is small and that they have to pick carefully what they decide to work on. Full character generation would eat up time and resources better spent elsewhere.