Reply To: Utility Skill Tree Discussion

Avatar photofartlancer

I agree that Quick Hands is a must have for archers and I hadn’t even considered giving them an extra quiver. I use it to give them a weapon/shield combo so that they can contribute to the beat down as our battle lines devolve or protect themselves better in battles that don’t start with formed lines.

Your feedback on Bags and Belts makes it sound pretty interesting but I haven’t gotten to the point of desiring that much flexibility yet. Having different Battle Brothers meet my tactical needs rather than Swiss army knife brothers has been sufficient so far but I’m only to the point of a few level 7s in my complement.

I haven’t used Shield Bash yet, either. Maybe some other debuff like a single target taunt or temporary decrease in accuracy or defense would help make it more appealing and feel better balanced. Or maybe scale the damage based on the shield you use.