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Hey guys, sorry for not replying earlier. Here we go:

I realise it is too early to soeak about future expansions but I had this idea… what about an expansion which introduces far east? Medieval china / india / japan style culture would make a fascinatinig addition to the east of the game world and would help introduce the game to the asian audience ;)

I honestly can’t tell right now what the future holds in store for us. We have to finish this DLC right now and then see what the next steps are.

Hello! I like the game very much. And I especially love Your art. Tell me, please, please, will be someday the custom banners? I would gladly support this work with my labor rubles.

We toyed several times with the idea of a banner creator. There are a ton of issues though. Because all banners also appear as ingame items/weapons and come in various shapes and sizes it would be quite a big undertaking for us. On top of that it requires a lot of UI work and so forth. I don’t say it’s impossible, but we would rather create new content and game mechanics with the time we have at hand.

Hi mate, hope you guys are well. The community is really looking forward to the release in August. Also once again you did an amazing work on the new nomads faction. Great stuff! I wanted to ask if there will be new food items in the expansion? If so, could you please share some art work with us?

Thanks a lot! Of course there’s new food:
Brown rice, dried lamb, dates.


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