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Overpowering enemies to reach your overpowerness is like making Ichigo Kurosaki reach yet another level of power in Bleach: after some time it got utterly ridiculous and didn’t really address the balance of power, because if you run into such overpowered enemies before you’re overpowered yourself you’re pretty much dead. I think enemies are in right spot. It’s the battle brothers who aren’t.
I think that at least reduction of experience gained is bound to happen. Why? Because you either make enemies stronger or you make your men gather experience slower. Slower experience gain means it will take them longer to level up, meaning they are more likely to die in combat, meaning you won’t level them up as easily, turning them into killing machines. This could be regulated by difficulty level (so far it only affects your starting resources and prices, if I am not mistaken).

Perhaps I worded that wrong, but I don’t mean powering up the late game opponents. I’m talking about adding the option for them to move side-ways, not moving them upwards. That is to say, making them more diverse so as to prevent the player from knowing what to expect when they are high level and fully equipped. So not perks on top of how they are now, but next to it -different versions of the same thing. Slowing down the levelling rate wouldn’t change that by the late game you should have high level bros wearing the best possible gear. More diversity should make being ready for everything more difficulty. I expect this to become less of an issue as more factions get introduced, but it is still something that I feel is worth to keep in mind.

Nice pic Trig, Do different parties nearby join in on battles like Mount and Blade? I haven’t noticed that in my game. Also the Necromancer does revive skeletons nearby. I met only one necromancer, had 20 skeletons and I had 12 brothers. They had the high ground and kept reviving but eventually I killed them all and chased down what looked like a wiederganger in a black hood. I didn’t catch the effect but I’m pretty certain he raised a skeleton nearby as he tried to run. Also what’s up with the ghouls? If they’re undead why do they have morale?

They’re Undead who are not dead, hence the morale.