Reply To: No challenge?

Avatar photoDyderich

Ok I have no clue what you folks are doing and how you are bypassing the game mechanics because after playing this pathetic game now for the last 6 hours, I have yet to:

1. Pass more than 1 combat where I have had no death
2. Any fight involving werewolves – surviving
3. Getting past 3 characters who are worthwhile without going broke in order to get them any sort of damned decent armour/weapons
4. Survive past 30 minutes gameplay unless I do absolutely nothing
5. Survive anything past WEAK
6. Survive any night encounter

Are you folks constantly restarting your games in order to ensure you have the best character combo? Restarting every fight to change its makeup? What are you guys doing that makes this a boring easy game?

I cannot play this game at all and its mainly a frustratingly idiotic game to me….every frigging time I win a fight I am guaranteed to die the next one – guaranteed – I have not survived a single two fights yet. I dare not do caravan fights…caravan guards die normally in 2 hits from the npcs and then I am left alone…3-4 of my guys normally against anywhere from 4-7 of theirs.

Werewolves…I am usually fighting with my 3-4 guys against 5-8 of them…and I normally get decapitated after first round or two….if I even make it that far. 3 attacks per werewolf….insane….especially when they can 1 shot you to death with those 3 swipes.

All I have gone against so far are orcs, bandits and werewolves….the only time I get to win is if its bandits and there are only 4-5 of them against 4-5 of me and I managed to not get them all onto battlefield at once….otherwise, they always managed to crit me or the archers are ace archers who rarely miss while my archer is a worthless piece of crap who could not hit the broad side of a barn at 2 feet away from it and would kill my own troop doing it.

I am just curious because so far just playing this game straight out normally I cannot find a way to win and only die after a few minutes into it…and this is at the supposed easy setting – which is a lie…its not easy its not anything setting – other than it should be called the +1000 more crowns for an extra 5 seconds of life setting. I know there is something folks are doing because you cannot win just picking up people from town and arming them…even trying to only pick up soldier types only does not work as they tend to have either bad stats or bad vices….and the defenses of most are pathetic…0,1,2,3 at most…if lucky get a 4-5 in armor defense while 0 in archer defense. Level up….woopie…get +1-2 on those if you choose them….or 1-3 hp….worthless when the npc just cleaves you in half.