Reply To: No challenge?

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Are you folks constantly restarting your games in order to ensure you have the best character combo? Restarting every fight to change its makeup? What are you guys doing that makes this a boring easy game?

I am talking about the point that you reach AFTER that hard start. You simply have gear to survive attacks when they connect, shields and abilities that make enemies miss more, archers who mow down targets before they come and enemies weren’t even numerous in my previous game (17 was top and most of it were the ghouls that I killed in one hit). It simply wasn’t challenging, because most of enemies died just after they reached me and hence I made this thread. In my current hard game it’s more challenging, partially due to money limitations and it seems like enemies established some really strong outposts I am in process of cleaing up (with some losses, especially due to the Orcs, who manage to mess up my battle line).

Werewolves…I am usually fighting with my 3-4 guys against 5-8 of them…and I normally get decapitated after first round or two….if I even make it that far. 3 attacks per werewolf….insane….especially when they can 1 shot you to death with those 3 swipes.

You don’t want to fight werewolves without GOOD armor (mail is the absolute minimum) and some experience (as this raises your skills). You need decent shields (to make them miss a lot), some swords (to riposte) or spears (to spearwall) and billhooks (to gang up on the overwhelmed ones). Having a knight or two helps a lot too, because their armor is good enough to withstand for quite long, giving you time to kill some werewolves without losing men. In fact, I’d say werewolves are more dangerous than young Orcs and young Orcs are deadly too. Besides that use tactics: high ground when possible, have at least person attack at least one enemy and make all attack same target to get Overwhelmed bonus, funnel them through narrow passages to limit their ability to swarm you, etc.

I am just curious because so far just playing this game straight out normally I cannot find a way to win and only die after a few minutes into it…and this is at the supposed easy setting – which is a lie…its not easy its not anything setting – other than it should be called the +1000 more crowns for an extra 5 seconds of life setting. I know there is something folks are doing because you cannot win just picking up people from town and arming them…

More money and lesser prices mean you have equip your guys better, meaning you have it easier. Without seeing you playing my guess is you aren’t fighting well enough and by that I mean setting priorities in combat. I won with 3 of my starting guys on hard against starting 7 bandits. They just weren’t well equipped so my guys went through them. One of them barely survived though. And I didn’t go into that fight with only 3 people because I was confident. I simply didn’t have enough money (or equipment in town) to hire and outfit more than my founding memebers.