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Some more suggestions:


Don’t know how enemy camp spawning functions currently, but it seems once they infest an area, they’re very hard to get rid of.
I’ve been in a war with bandits recently, A village was surrounded with some 5 or 6 “Deadly” or “Invincible” bandit camps, 4 or 5 scout parties always buzzing around the village. I am now so strong the scouts run away from me and when I approach the camp they release 1 or 2 “Strong” parties to come and meet me. I dispatch them, then the camp itself, making sure I stab the camp boss with scramasaxses, to get some nice armour.

However, all the cleaning I am doing doesn’t seem to help the village much, because I still have to go there and back to sell loot and buy tools to mend my equipment and after the village too quickly runs out of tools I have to travel further to buy more and by the time I come back the bandit infestation is again in full swing and no caravans get through to the village, because they’re so weak even a scout party wipes them out.

So, how about a simple mechanic, that each enemycamp only fights for themselves? Rival orc clans would fight each other, rival necromancers would fight each other too, and rival bandits would definitely have turf gang wars, as they do, heck even wolf packs have territorial wars, so werewolves would as well…

This way, you’d not get two “Strong” orc raiding parties assault a village at once (which is nearly impossible to beat) and enemies would keep themselves in check a bit, so rival gangs would not cooperate in ambushes and raids. First they have to win their own turf war, then take care of own business.


Caravans should have more and better guards and the donkey should be harder to kill. I’ve never yet been able to save a caravan when it is attacked, because I always spawn far away from it and they’re all dead by the time I get there.

Also, enemy scouts (puny and weak) shouldn’t be able to defeat a caravan. If it is the only lifeblood of a village, it would not be travelling with only two noobs armed with pocket knives, but with proper escort. Scouts should scout it out, and an ambushing party at least “Average” in strength should be sent to intercept it. If you manage to take out the scouts, the enemy doesn’t learn of the caravan and doesn’t sent the ambushers. I think that should be the point of scouting and anti-scout patrols.

Enemy camps also shouldn’t spawn nearer than 6 hexes from any road or village, so that they can’t see the caravan directly from the camp (as then, security forces would also see the camp from the road and organise a raid against it). I’ve often seen camps just 2 or 3 hexes from the road, wiping out anything that came by.