Reply To: No challenge?

Avatar photoDyderich

Easy enough to criticize but I know how to play melee type games and use environment as well….

Finally restarted again and this time I managed to just put together a ragtag group ended up with about 10 of them….and so far I managed to stay alive with a loss at each fight of 1 or 2 and replacement usually of 1 soon thereafter….the problem is werewolves are overpowered and once they are on your trail you have no option to get away – I kept trying and with the stupid movement issues you usually end up stuck at some point especially if you are near water areas…finally gave up and decided since I was at a town to just burn away a quest for caravan guard and accepted and let them get taken on by the werewolves….and I tried to escape….it took the WEAK group to kill a WEAK caravan about 3 seconds and then they were back on me as I was trying to stay on the road to gain as much speed as possible….managed to cross the bridge and go south and finally evaded them – just ridiculous should not be so damn aggressive as that to run you down forever. I am guessing late game is about anywhere from day 15 onwards? If not then there must be something up because I saw only hideout/dungeon/etc. labeled AVERAGE, STRONG, INVINCIBLE – yeah…my puny 8 guys doing anything past weak group (if that even)….so I am guessing that these npc lairs are all randomly generated as well….and randomly powered to beyond normal limits. So far I have not been impressed at all….these games are just too unforgiving at the beginning. I could stand seeing some challenges but this garbage is just down right annoying now. Perhaps when there is some sort of balance so that you can actually do something beyond the first 30 minutes of gameplay without having to just restart the game constantly due to constant death of party or majority of party, will make it worthwhile. For those of you that have it too easy…be thankful…you are manipulating or getting your games very easy then….enjoy them and complain about the boringness while the rest of us curse the waste of money for something that is really not enjoyable to play.