Reply To: No challenge?

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I only skimmed but I hope someone has mentioned Vampires as a point in favor of challenge. Part of that challenge is accepting and managing that deployment will result in one instant death by the end of round one. Even without that cheapshot Vampires and their skeleton guards are no pushovers. I see the ruins, we know they’re infested with filthy undead, oh wait guys I’m going to go take a leak real quick.

I’ve had 4 Orc Berserkers whipe out 10 of my Brothers on one playthrough. I’ve lost the starting fight on one playthrough. I’ve gotten raided by Raiders. I think the challenge is good. I do wish more weidergangers (sp?) spawned with ghouls on some of those encounters. I love playing those fights, and the feeling of going up against a horde of undead and coming out on the other side. I would not have fought that Orc horde from the previous screenshot.

We’re in EA too we have more creatures (a whole faction of them), more equipment, and a lot more to look forward to if all goes according to plan. It’s only going to get better, good job Overhype guys.