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The player cannot become a bandit, take over cites, castles, towers or villages or use magic.

To 1 When attacking a bandid hideout there already are named bandid leaders. I don´t know if this is what you mean exactly. Otherwise you need to be more precise.

To 2 No you cannot. Though it would make for a good total conversion or Addon to play as a different faction. But it would need tons of work to really feel different from what we are doing right now. This won´t happen within the next year if ever.

"I am a Paladin!"
>OMG, Malthus, there are no damn paladins in Battle Brothers...<
"OK, OK! Then I´m a wrecked down minstrel drunkard pretending to be a paladin, singing so wrong in the midst of battle that even the undead run in fear... Better?!"