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Tactics depend on what kind of enemy you fight with.

General tips:

– Do try to use at least one hit on any enemy if you have a few other guys around the target. It’ll give you bonus to hit (called Overwhelm).
– Axes are great against shields, but bigger shields (like the ones the orcs are using) require bigger axes (battle axes are perfect, hatchets and basic axes are only good at the begining, against medium shields).
– Two-handed guys should wear something better than a chainmail or they should kill enemy as fast as possible. Chainmail doesn’t last long against certain enemies and two-handed guys have no shield to boost their defense.
– A billhook or two are good way to support your battleline as they can reach two tiles away or move once and attack.
– Try to cause panic in your enemy’s ranks. Lowering morale gets them penalties and you bonuses, also fleeing enemies means free hits and can even cause a chain reaction.
– Don’t try to hit at all cost. Sometimes it’s better to save stamina instead of wasting it on some low chance of hitting. That stamina can be then used for something later on (a shieldwall, or an attack when rest of your men will come in to assist, etc.).

On werewolves:

I’d advise going entirely on the offense. Just try to kill as many of them as quickly as possible, to not allow them land their 3 hits per turn. A combination of shields and spears or swords seems to work great here. Spears allow you to use a spearwall and maybe land a few hits before they close in, swords will turn any miss into an attack and werewolves do tend to miss a lot. Experienced archers (or lucky ones) can help from afar, but you can also give them billhook to help at the front when arrows are spent or if situation demands extra bodies in the zone. Try to set up as good as you can to defend against their numbers too. Not always possible, but it can happen, especially in the swamp or forest.

On orcs:

Use weapons that can break shields and armor easily: battle axes, warhammers, two-handed swords or axes or flail (it bypasses a shield). Once shields and armor are gone orcs don’t have that much life. You should be using shields better than a standard round shields, otherwise orcs will deal with them in 2-3 hits and once your shield is gone your armor won’t last long. Try to set up kills for your heavy hitters as they can do some serious damage against them (provided you have men equipped properly with sturdy armor and a two-handed weapons).

On undead

Lost Souls are tricky – spears tend to work best on them, but basically anything that has high percentage of chance to hit is welcome. One you hit them they’re gone. Just try to avoid sending two-handers in. Their armor won’t matter. Lost Souls bypass armor and once your men start to flee they’ll get a lot of free hits. Improving your morale or getting certain perks helps against them.

Wiedergangers require some proper stamina management. Undead don’t get tired and don’t panic, they can also raise again after you killed them. Your own men can raise as well to get some payback on you. Try not to spend stamina carelessly or you’ll find yourself overwhelmed quickly (and once you do it can go downhill fast from there). If fighting skeletons do keep in mind that they are resistant to weapons such as spears or swords. Try to use bashing weapons or stronger axes.