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You are free to do anything you want within the framework of the game. However, that framework has to be set up by the developer. The job of the developer is then to accurately assess what freedom is meaningful to the game and what isn’t. I’ve yet to see anyone talk about how they want accurate defecation mechanics, because they want the freedom to role-play an incontinent hedge-knight who soils himself in combat.
That something is convenient also doesn’t neccesarily make it a good feature. Fast travel is convenient, but putting it into this game is a bad idea.

Why, yes, campaign mode would be exactly the same as the main game.

I’d rather see them implement mod tools that would make implementing something like that doable, while having lots of other uses.

I agree with this. Character creation or not, a comprehensive mod support is still higher up on my wishing list, AND it would do the game so much more good.
Just by looking at XCOM-EW, Skyrim or M&B, modding is utterly crucial to have games staying relevant for a long time.
We have to see how far the devs, can and want to take this.

It probably depends rather heavily on how much time they’ll able to justify spending on the game, after release. Modding would add a lot to Battle Brothers, but the game itself would have to be good enough on its own to also be able to attract a vibrant mod-scene, so half-assing release and hoping for mods to fix it wouldn’t work. It definitely would add to the longevity of the game, wich means a steady stream of income for the developers and more sales in case they decide to release expansions.