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I’ve been playing the demo for a bit and I wondered about the old wïederganger skins. Are you planning on using those for anything or have they been scrapped?

To be honest I’m a bit unsure here. Would a travelling band of mercenaries use the heraldic rules of the nobility to paint their company banner? Or would they just go with the most “awesome” design they can come up with?
Do you have any ressources on historic mercenary bands/banners? Even if they dont really match the period it would be helpful.

It’s important to note that the kind of codified heraldry being talked about here only started to take shape near the tail end of the period that you are dealing with – that is 1100 and upwards, so not early medieval. Some of the ideas that were to result in heraldry taking shape were most likely already around before that, considering the history of war banners, but the rules mentioned above didn’t exist yet.
I also agree with how a newly formed mercenary group would not necessarily care about heraldic rules, even if they knew them. They could also be using a banner with local importance or a traditional symbol of strength. Adding some wouldn’t hurt though for the purpose of playing someone who does care and there are some really nice heraldic banners to be found. However, it’s not an absolute necessity in order to make your mercenaries come across as believable.