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I love your changes almost universally. But that’s just between us fans. I think the dev team is either burned out on community feedback or just not checking the forums. Game’s a success (I hope), so I’m not sure how plugged in they are. Can’t please everybody. In fact, even if the devs made a perfect game in a very specific way, they’d have people wishing it was something else. And that’s fine.

The only changes I would object to on personal preferences are the changes on the port, since as Koburn has pointed out, there are already trade offs associated with the mechanic in-game and the logic followed is sufficiently in-step.

I would however object to one of the points made by @Koburn.
The original Poster’s point on hiring is that most people don’t actually use the in-game hiring system as presented. Although it likely does appeal to people who want an experience where the player is forced to make do with what they get, some of the most downloaded mods are consistently recruitment change mods.
This strain of thought is also counter to one of your other statements, a statement that I agree with. Chiefly, as a mercenary manager, you take responsibility for information involved with running a company. Now with this in mind. What thoughtful manager hires someone for an ungodly amount of money with no idea what his capabilities (stats) are? Who would hire a hedge knight for 8000 crowns without first giving him a training sword and getting a good idea of how well he can use it (melee attack stat)? I’d argue that no prudent manager would. The mechanic as it stands in game is more artificial difficulty conceit straight from a skinner box style of design than something a careful manager would put up with.

Those are my opinions anyway. Still a great game.

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