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This game has the warhammer (bec de corbin) and the billhook, the kite shield and some high medieval helmets, so it’s not early only. Therefore it must span 900-1200, possibly 1300 even. By 1100 the heraldry was pretty codified according to the basic rules, although the device itself, the charge,t he symbol, was left to the discretion of the noble to chose. Check Norman coats of arms from William the Conqueror’s times… I am not against using outrageous devices, severed orc heads, skeleton necromancer birds, werewolf claws, whatever, but the positioning and colour combinations should have some basic heraldic sense is all.

True on stuff having been implemented from later time periods, which is why I’m in favour of heraldic banners getting put in, but I’m cautioning against making them mandatory. As in, your company being required to have a properly heraldic banner. Because while those rules were prominent around 1200, they weren’t around 900. I don’t mean that that is what you were suggesting, but I was noting it for Psen so that he didn’t feel like he was totally misrepresenting the early medieval period. Keeping heraldic sense for design in mind is still a good idea, because those art designs existed for a reason and were based on older banners and art principles.

Hi Trig,
all these Banners were created using our future banner customization tool wich players will be using when starting a new game.
They consist of the following parts:
Banner shape, Base color, Pattern Color, Main emblem, secondary emblem.
All Emblems have to be combinable with all banner shapes and with all color patterns, otherwise a lot of work will go to waste when painting special emblems which work only in combination with certain color patterns.
Of course these banners dont look as intriguing and as authentic as if i had painted them by hand.

When I start working on the final Banner generator I’ll consider your points and maybe change some of the set up to allow for more authentic combinations.


Nice! Allowing for authentic combinations is a good thing to have for those who know how to make them, plus maybe some examples for those that don’t if a help tool is implemented. I actually wasn’t expecting an actual banner tool to get implemented, since so few games have it and when they do it mostly consists of letting you recolor other banners.