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Hi Trig,
all these Banners were created using our future banner customization tool wich players will be using when starting a new game.
They consist of the following parts:
Banner shape, Base color, Pattern Color, Main emblem, secondary emblem.
All Emblems have to be combinable with all banner shapes and with all color patterns, otherwise a lot of work will go to waste when painting special emblems which work only in combination with certain color patterns.
Of course these banners dont look as intriguing and as authentic as if i had painted them by hand.
When I start working on the final Banner generator I’ll consider your points and maybe change some of the set up to allow for more authentic combinations.

Sounds good. :)
With the elements you listed “Banner shape, Base color, Pattern Color, Main emblem, secondary emblem” authenticity should be achievable.

I would suggest you just adapt these elements to the heraldic rules.

1. Banner shape, ok, this is a banner, it can be any shape really…

2. Base colour, or “Tincture”:

3. Pattern colour. This is where I have a problem. Secondary choice should be “Partition” not “Pattern”!

4. Main emblem, secondary emblem, or “Charge”. This is where you could introduce “Patterns” alongside “Charges” instead of a “secondary emblem”; which is not really a heraldic device. One could chose either a “Charge” or a “Pattern” but not both.

If, for instance one wants an orc’s head as the “Charge” for his coat of arms, he could have it on a single “Tincture” or on “Partitions”, but not on a “Pattern”. So, for instance, a green orc head on a yellow background. Or a green orc head on a quarterly yellow and red background would work. But a green orc head on a yellow and red bendy sinister wouldn’t. It’s either a “Charge” or a “Pattern”, but not both.

What you could do instead of “Primary” and “Secondary” emblem is split the “Charge” in half and then allow picking the colour for each, to enable a two colour “Charge”, but this would probably be too complicated to implement right…