Reply To: Character Experience.

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With a less linear distribution of points and across levels allied with traits resulting from missions and battles ( IIRC read it in the to do by the devs, such as 4-fingers, peg leg, and other similar awesome scars ) the natural evolution might achieve a credible balance.

Mind you there is no pressure yet around the map and only twice was I really into “serious business mode” given I was ambushed while licking wounds back into town and another I was simply ravaged by a undead deadly horde.

Other than that is still the when, what and how I want it to happen. So, more pressure along routes, bandit ambushes and orc raids are probably a good thing to include in a upcoming patch.

Then we will see. Most probably we will end up with 3 or 4 battle scarred bad-ass warriors and a bunch of sheep given many will perish along the way in the most hilarious ways.