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First a little disclaimer though. As things stand now, I find quickhands perk not working fully, so maybe that is why I do not see it as game-breaking combined with bag and belts perk. At the moment I can freely change items, but only at the beginning of the turn. Changing back doesn’t want to work for some reason after I moved or attacked. Therefore “swiss-army knife” scenario is not actually possible for me :)

The point is to make it work like i described you can not move and attack with a two handed weapon in the same turn, as you will end up on 1 or less ap which automatically ends your turn. So you already have to stand next to your target.

But if you dont move, attacking only costs 6 ap for a two handed weapon, leaving you with 3 ap left and still beeing able to change back your equip. After that you could make a step.

Beyond this in my opinion you made some very valid points about the rest of the utility skills.

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