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Like so!

Super amazing! :D
Wonderful responsiveness on your behalf.
My hat off to you, sir!

Only the Saltire ordinary should prolly be corner-to-corner, same degree slope as you have for bends, since it is basically jut two bends crossed and should have same angle as the Per Bend among Partitions. Same with the Chevron should have the same angles as the Per Chevron in the Partitions, in case they get combined, they should fit the same. Basically all angles of diagonal lines should be same.

A bit about layers and selection steps.

Disclaimer: I may have overlooked some examples where the charge was actually on a pattern too. They’re rare, but some do seem to exist (Coat of arms of Bruges for instance), I only didn’t find ealy-medieval examples of it when first looking, when the goal was to have a party easily identifiable on the battlefield and a device which looked too busy, was hard to decypher… My sincere apologies for this oversight.

1. First layer should be Tincture of course and you choose the colour for this.

2. Second layer should be Pattern, for the purpose that Partition should thenb come over it.

3. Third layer is partition. So now you can have a white Tincture, a red pattern and a blue partition, allowing for instance half the shield be Blue, the other half white and red lines.

4. Fourth layer is the Ordinary in its own colour, on top of all previous stuff.

5. Fifth layer comes the Charge. The charge should fit right in the middle of a crossing of a Quarterly for instance. Perhaps you could also make some charges that are not in the middle, but fit either left side, right side, half a shield only, half a charge (like a half of an eagle or other symmetric charge) etc, so some historic coats could be constructed.